Wyze sense motion sensor works intermittently

Hi, I recently bought the Wyze Cam v2 and the Wyze Sense. The idea was to test its operation and continue buying more.
But, I have noticed some quite annoying inconveniences:
1- I have configured the sense motion sensor so that when I detect movement in the kitchen, I turn on the lights and when I don’t detect any more movement, I turn them off, but what a great disappointment, because approximately every three minutes (sometimes a few more minutes), they turn off the lights and a few seconds later they come back on, even if there are still people in the kitchen.
2- Notifications are not always shown at the precise moment of the action, but a few seconds or minutes later.
3- On the main screen sometimes it does not show the real state of the sensor, but I must enter that sensor to visualize the real state. For example, last night, the door / window sensor was closed when it was really open (the air conditioner was on).
Actually, these malfunctions have made me doubt to continue acquiring more sensors. And the most unfortunate thing is that I was recommending it to my friends and family, but now I’m thinking if it really was a good purchase.

This happens to all kinds of home automation devices. It is because when a timer starts an automation happens, and then when a subsequent timer starts, it does not cancel the previous timers

So far, nobody has addressed this problem that I’m aware of.

Wrecks0, thanks for answering.
So, according to what I understand, is that nothing can be done?
That there is no way to keep the lights on while detecting movements?