User accessible logging of device/user activity on account

In light of the security breach, i feel wyze really needs to get proper logging to be available either via the app or website .

show userids connected to cameras, and the action they took
eg changing a setting (would help front line staff as well to work out mysterious reasons cameras are turned off or motion tagging disables for no reason)

ip address user connected from or at least suspected origin location .

option to revoke the users token if suspect activity
Moderator Note: See this #wishlist topic: Ability to force log out of all devices - #2 by Loki

proper multi level access/ role base access control instead of the current 1 super user and shared model. Giving Acces to share a camera that lets them turn it off/on isn’t great. Sharing the main account so people can view the SD footage and have full control also isn’t great.
Moderator Note: See this #wishlist topic: Multiple Users' Permissions for Shared Users

email notifications as well as app notifications

notification if camera has gone offline or has been switched off, or better yet allow notification for different events/tasks that are user controllable, happy for my inbox to get spammed and check it later
Moderator Note: See this #wishlist topic: Loss of Communication/Network Connection Notification & Log

Yes this will create additional work, but moving into more smart locks and other devices more logging will need to be required as it starts to protect high value assets.

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