Use Wyze Camera with ZTE cell phone with no sim

I want to use the camera wireless to Consumer Cellular ZTE phone with out cell service.

i will power the camera from 5 volt usb power pack. Connect wireless t o ZTE phone.

What I want to do is use rear facing camera and view live video on cell phone. The cell phone will be mounted on Segway handlebar. Yes, there are still some still around. I will be using this under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

This will let me use the ZTE phone as a rear view mirror watching traffic behind me. Recording to sd card is a plus.

Based on your description I don’t think this would work. with the V2 and V3 cameras they need to make an initial contact with the Wyze servers before they can be viewed. this would required internet service, in this instance through use of a hotspot in the phone. after that contact as been made they can then be viewed through LAN but only as long as there is not break in power requiring they make the “initial” contact with the Wyze servers again. keep in mind that keep a constant view ( like a rear view constantly) would probably drain that power pack fairly quickly.

the WCO in travel mode however might be possible. what camera model were you thinking of using?

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Using RTSP firmware on a V2 and VLC on the phone might work but I would be very concerned about

A. Latency getting a real time traffic view.

B. Maintaining an IP address on the camera. I think the official RTSP firmware still needs to see a DHCP server?

I would expect there are better, more “purpose built” solutions to this need…


As mentioned above, the Wyze cam needs to have an initial contact with its servers for this to work.

And then there’s the issue with latency; there’s a video lag. Not much, maybe a fraction of a second, but in your case, that lag might be very important.

Is an old fashioned side mirror not workable?

There are drive cameras with rear-facing cameras. This option might be more expensive. Or you or someone handy, can build a raspberry pi with a camera.

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