Use of Wyze Cam Pan in Dominican Republic

Good afternoon,

I am interested in purchasing a camera for my friend who currently lives in the Dominican Republic. I am in North Carolina and was hoping to bring it down when I visit in December .

He is a claro android customer for his ISP . My questions are:

Is the Wyze app available in for download in the DR Google play store?

If not, I could install using an APK correct?

I am not expecting any support, just trying to find a way to get him basic surveillance. Thanks. Rooting the phone is not an option as he has little to no patience for Tech stuff!

Thanks for the advice




I’m not sure if there is any difference between the US and DR play store but using ES file explorer you can easily transfer the app from your android phone to his phone. No root needed. It just transfers the app, not the settings. The ISP should not be a problem.