First WYSE cam pan purchase. Can I have the app on 2 seperate android devices?

I recently bought my first cam, WYZE CAM PAN. I connected it easily to my phone with the app and it works great. But I would like to connect it to my android tablet and am having trouble. I can not find the app in the Google play store. Question: can I only view the cam from one device?

Yes, you can run on 2 separate android devices. I’m running the app on 4 different Android devices.


The app may be hidden when browsing on your tablet if it’s not compatible with your tablet. Try going to the play store page from a browser, and if you don’t see your tablet in the drop down, then you might not be able to use your tablet. What version of Android is it using?

But chances are pretty good you’ll be able to sideload it anyway if you get an APK from APKMirror.

There is no limit to the number of devices.

Also, you can try the TinyCam app which has native Wyze support.

Forgive my stupidity but where do I find what version of Android my tablet is?

For my Samsung tablet I went into the device settings and at the bottom of the list there was an “about tablet” link, click that and then “software information” and it displayed everything about my tablet. I’m sure whatever your tablet is has a similar layout.

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For nearly all devices, @Omgitstony has it right Settings > System > about device > software info , or you can just type about tablet/phone in the search in the settings.

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You can have it on as manny you want

unfortunately my android tablet will not support the app :frowning:

Sadness, is there a chance you can get a newer version on it?

How old is the tablet