Viewing Multiple cameras on tablet

Is there way to view multiple Wyze cams I have say on a tablet? like say 4 of them like security system do ?


Depends on the Tablet.

iPads, you can install the app, group cameras together then when in landscape mode, you will see 4 cameras at a time.

I have the Pixel Tablet and in order to get the app on that, you would need to sideload the Wyze app and then show the grouped cameras as on the iPad.

You can also utilize your Web Browser and go to Live stream - Wyze, provided you are using Cam Plus and the Camera is supported.

Final Alternative is to utilize something like Tiny Cam. This will allow you to stream your Wyze Cameras after you set them up.

Looks like @Seapup provided additional information on the Group option.


No Im a android user no ipad

Yea, so you can try one of the other options listed

IS there a way to put 2 cameras on one side and t2 on the other side rather than scrolling from one to the next

nevermind I guess landscape mode does it

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