Threading multiple camera streams into a single cohesive feed (Panoramic live stream)

A way to provide a comprehensive view of an area without the need to switch between individual camera feeds

[Mod Note]: Please note that this wishlist topic covers creating a panoramic live stream from multiple Wyze cam sources. This wishlist topic is not related to stitching Cam Pan waypoint images to create a static panoramic image file. Ref: Pan Cam Instant Panorama.

Have you tried grouping your cams? If you create a Device Group for your cams, you can live stream up to 4 cams at a time with your phone/tablet in landscape mode. If you added more than 4 cams to a group, swipe to the left to view additional cam streams. Or you can create an additional group.

In portrait mode, the live stream for grouped cams is presented vertically and the number of live streams displayed is dependent on your device’s size/screen resolution setting. In portrait mode, scroll up to view additional cams in your group.

Tap one of the cam’s live streams in group display to view a full-screen live stream from that cam. In landscape mode, tap the screen again to display stream info and control icons.

To create a group: Wyze app Home > “+” in the upper left hand corner > Add Device Group > Camera Group > Enter a group name > Select cameras for your group > “Done” in upper right corner. You can then click on the camera group icon on your Wyze app Home to view.

You can rearrange the order of the cams displayed in your group view via: Wyze app Home > Click your group > Settings (the gear icon in the upper right) > click the green x number of cameras in Group > rearrange the camera order by dragging with the handles on the right (2 horizontal lines) > Save in upper left.

Note that the number of cam live streams you are able to simultaneously display without lag, freezes and other abnormal behaviors is in direct proportion to your viewing device’s connection speed and ability to process and keep up with video streams. For example, if you’re trying to view a group of cam streams on an antiquated cell phone using a slow 4G cellular connection (vs high-speed WiFi), you may only be able to simultaneously view 1-2 HD quality video streams.

You can find more info about groups and other info on the Wyze app support pages here:

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I understand the idea behind the grouping, but the idea i presented was to create one seamless image.
You would be able to see across your whole yard in one image if three cameras were needed to view completely across


Ahhh… panoramic view from multiple cam streams. I think we have a Wishlist topic requesting this. I’ll look for it later today. If it exists, I’ll merge this topic otherwise, I’ll convert your topic to a new wishlist request.

Is this to be accomplished via Cam Outdoor, Cam Pan, other cam types or a mix of types?

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Yeah i wanted to post on wishlist but i was not and to yet…plus i searched and did not find anything.
I would say this could/should be an option for all cameras


Got it. I converted your topic to a wishlist request. Please remember to scroll up to the top and click the VOTE button to show your support for your own request.

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While the title says panoramic, this idea can also apply to “up and down” feeds as well, not just left and right.

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