Use of light bulb during network outage

During the recent AWS outage that affected Wyze it became apparent that all of my light bulbs were useless as I could not turn them on or off, or at least I think so :slightly_smiling_face: Is there a way during a network outage to still use the light bulbs via the normal light switch?

Mine worked, because I had the preference set to “Turn the light on” when power is restored (light switch is turned on). Unfortunately, anyone who prefers that it “maintains previous state” is excluded, and you may not be able to change the preference during a AWS outage that affects your Bulb.

I still encountered weirdness because it was an AWS outage. So no perfect solution unfortunately.

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Interesting. Question, If I set mine to prefer “Turn Lights On”, would that allow the app to control the bulbs during an AWS outage? Or will it allow you to control the lights Manually?

Sorry for my confusion. I did not have a real issue. For some reason I was able to control my ligts via the app with the exception of 2 bulbs. Not sure why at was. But I was more curious so I can make the settings appropriate.

In theory, you can control via a standard on/off light switch. However, mine have not been reliable that way. No control from the app without AWS or internet.

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Well, there may be no perfect setting for an AWS outage. :wink:

Having “Turn Lights On” as your preference may let you control the lights manually (at the wall switch) during your next AWS outage.

My use of the Bulbs are admittedly unusual. I have mine set to “Turn the light on” because I usually use the lights manually (wall switch). However, the lights create a reflection in a camera in my clerestory windows, so I usually leave them powered off and activate them only if I need light in the hallway. Since I don’t spend much time in the hallway, I have Wyze turn them off after 30 seconds to relive the reflections at the camera. If I think about it I switch the wall switch off later; if not it’s a double – off, then on switch next time.

The catch is this is a power failure setting. What you want the bulbs to do after a power failure. Most people will opt for “Maintain previous state”, but “Turn Lights On” works wonderfully for the weird way I am using the Bulbs. :slight_smile: