Use Keypad without Home Monitoring

I have the Wyze home monitoring kit. I got it primarily for the contact sensor to use on a specific door, however, some of the other items could prove useful. In particular, I placed the second contact sensor on my back sliding glass door. I have an Amazon Alexa routine set up to turn on lights and start some music if the door is opened during a certain time, however, I would like to have a more responsive alarm. I was hoping to use the keypad purely for that purpose on that back door, alone. I do not want any actual home monitoring. I just want the keypad to sound if the door is opened while the keypad is armed. Any way to do that?

Keypad is a definite no. The HMS has the ability to play a sound (what Wyze calls “tunes”) when a contact sensor is opened. The sound is emitted on the hub. As far as I know, you can only activate this feature with HMS, which I’m using solely in TEST mode.

I will have to look into the test mode. Maybe that would work for me to at least alert me.