Use Android Studio for Wyze on PC

Just a heads up, for those who are disappointed with the lack of a Web application of Wyze for PC, there is a super simple workaround. All you have to do is Download Android Studio: Download Android Studio & App Tools - Android Developers on your PC then once it is finished installing click configure - AVD Manager - And Create A Virtual Pixel 4 Device Running Android 11. Then all you have to do is use it like you would your personal phone and download the Wyze App. It is that easy!


This sounds pretty good.
So after the app install it will also accept a Wyze Cam install on a Win 10 PC?

Will it show 4 cameras active in a box?


Yes, you will technically be installing the app on this virtual Android Device you make then it will function just like your phone.

It is an Android emulator. Similar to Bluestacks and others.
So you’re running the Wyze app within the emulator that is running within Windows.

This is correct, but instead of giving a 3rd party your Google Data, you are working directly with Google Servers

Yep I suggested it over at

Glad to hear it actually works!


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You should have read more before posting. That thread was not started by me. It is within that thread that I suggested using Android Studio.

I did everything but kept getting this error.

AVD Emulator process for Pixel 4 was killed.

Appreciate any help. Thanks!

I have installed this and not being a developer, I am not sure I can figure out how to install Apps, given that I do not see the Play Store in the virtual phone I have created. Any ideas?

I haven’t used Studio yet, and you can very likely use the Play Store, but even without it you can easily sideload Wyze and other app APKs. There are lots of guides to doing that if you haven’t before. Trustworthy APK files can be downloaded from places like APKMirror and APKPure.

Start with an image that has the Play Store built in, not the default Pixel 3a. The Pixel 4 for example.


Nice, it tells you right up front. Thanks.

The emulator isn’t really designed to be used this way, it’s meant to tedt your own code.
Other emulators are easier to use but come with their own downfalls like ads.

This topic was about Android Studio. Thank you for your irrelevant response.

Thank you very much. It wasn’t obvious for me :slight_smile:

How friendly. You don’t think you can sideload APKs within the virtual phone created in Android Studio? You’re welcome.

Why be rude? You may want help again some day.
@Customer’s advice applies to Android Studio. He even mentioned it in his response.

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I will always want help, but not from people who lose focus! It is better for someone [MOD EDIT] when they can’t stay within the topic - unless they have a better solution!
I got the right answer and I am able to load the Wyze app on the VD!!

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Who even spoke about sideloading anything??? I wanted to have the Play Store, but my mistake (because I am encountering Android Studio for the 1st time) was selecting a phone emulator that did not have the Play Store. I did not say I wanted to sideload anything. Plus I am technical enough to understand tech matters, and to admit my deficiencies.