usb extension

Would there be any problems piggy backing a 2nd cam with a 25’ usb cord?

Thinking about this one:


I know people are using that particular cable successfully. You should be okay. My only concern would be if you also have a long run to the first camera, you would need to be wary of the voltage drop over the combined cable run.

Not sure about 25ft, but Wyzecam V2 works with 15ft USB extension connected to the factory usb.

Have any of you seen someone say how long of an extension cable they can get away with both for single camera and 2 cameras piggy-backed? I read someone say they couldn’t get their 2nd camera to boot up until they switched from the stock 5V/1A adapter to a 5V/2A adapter. But I thought it has to do more with voltage drop than the amps?