Urban wildlife videos plus redundancy proven

The reason I have cams outside. To see the urban wildlife. Love it. Second issue here is the importance of engineering redundancy using wyze cameras.

First video came from the only 12 second activity notification I received. Recorded the video off the sd card in playback mode.

Cam facing original camera view. Recorded off of the sd card from playback mode. You can see the ir leds of the first cam.

Lastly the third recording. Taken from playback mode from the same synced time period.

Love playing with the cams when I see something interesting to me. Point is they all don’t catch everything. That’s why I have cams watching other cams.

Final point, coyote or fox? Love to hear your ideas. Thanks.


Hello, @timstik

My vote would be a Fox with the dark legs and what appears to be a bushy tail :face_with_monocle:.


  • Sly Fox.
  • Cheeky Coyote.

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Thanks for sharing the captures.

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I agree with ThreeTen . . . a fox. Even the way it kind of hops says “fox.” Coyotes run much more like dogs. Thanks for sharing these1

Like you, I have cameras outside expressly for watching and monitoring wildlife. Deer, foxes, coyotes, etc. I’ve been using trail cams for a few years, and though they have yielded good results, they can’t be monitored remotely (unless you pay for expensive cellular ones.) And they don’t record color night vision. I just got a V3 to see how it would work. So far, I’m pleased. I’ll be getting one or two more when they become available, again.



Definitely a fox. I see them in my yard frequently.

Caught some deer on a cam. I live in suburbia. Far away from the woods. This is my crowning glory. This is why I like this technology.