Updated Cameras now all offline?

I have just run the updater - and the update has failed - leaving me with all cameras not working.

How do I correct this latest error?

Sorry to hear you have an issue.

It would help if you could provide additional information so that the community can try to assist. You state the Update has failed but then say the cameras are not working. Did the update complete and the failure is the cameras are not functional, or did the actual update provide a failure?

The following info would be helpful

  • What version of the app are you using?
  • What version of the firmware were you updating to - Puck any of the devices?
  • Have you tried the normal process to bring your cameras online again?
    • Unplugging the Camera from power, wait for 15 seconds and plug the power
      back in
    • Go to the Account Tab in the app, select App Settings, Clear Cache. Then Backout to the Account Menu scroll to the bottom and log out. Reboot your phone or tablet and then log back in (Make sure you know your password before logging out)