[Updated][Beta] Shop Orders Will Not Be Processed in Beta 2.2 App Version 03/07 to 03/24


** For app orders placed March 07 onwards only**

For 2.2 Beta App version, Shop orders will not be processed. No payment will be charged and orders will not be processed. You will still receive the exact transaction emails similar to real orders. If you would like to place real orders, please use the official production version 2.1 or visit our website.

]How To Tell If You Are on Beta?

  1. Beta = v2.2 and you will see “Nest” in Shop and you can only place test orders
  2. Official = v2.1. You will not see “Nest” in Shop and you may continue to place orders

If you are iOS Beta, it’s possible to have both versions so you can still order via the official version
If you are Android Beta, there may have limitations so you can only purchase via the website


In that case… let’s order 1000 Pan cameras and 2000 V2 cams.


Have mercy, please don’t(yet) :pray:


Thanks for the clarification.

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Hi Mark,

I did what you are suggesting and installed the beta and installed the current public version 2.1 and now the"nest" item isn’t appearing for me to purchase? How can I purchase this “nest” item you guys were showing?

Also I could be wrong but I believe I placed an order for several more cameras on March 2nd through the beta app and I have an order number #341381 and it did charge my credit card (still have yet to receive the order but it was placed none the less). I have screen shots of the order and everything if you need but again maybe I’m possibly recalling this wrong and I did it on the website but I don’t think so? The order now shows shipped.
Edited: I previously only read email summary but Marks full post explains nest item isn’t available.

@batsmbll Nest is not an actual Wyze product. Hence, it is not available in v2.1 :slight_smile: We will put a warning this week in beta to avoid confusion. Also, this will only be for orders placed March 07 onwards. Your order #341381 is not impacted.

@CaptainMark getting the store ready for outdoor camera???

Not yet, that one is still in development :slight_smile:

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Just to let you know as well with the shop section its missing some products from the actual site store. Such as the Pan mounting kit.

I was unaware of this warning. I placed an order for a Wyze Nest on the 8th. At the time there were only 95% of them gone. My order number that I received in my email was #333938. Please tell me I didn’t miss out on my Wyze Nest just because I’m a beta app tester! :frowning:

Thanks for letting us know, we’ll add it on the next testing

This is not a real product and your card will not be charged :slight_smile: Don’t worry about missing out

Last year, it was a great offer that I wanted to take advantage of! Am I really being penalized for being a loyal beta tester?

We will add a message so customers will not be confused

We’re not penalizing you or anything! We only had 100 nests available for purchase last year and sold through them. We tried to use the nest listing to reduce confusion for the testing but clearly that didn’t work as we had hoped. We apologize for that.


I see the Wyze Sense Starter Kit is in the Beta Shop. As Beta Testers, do you want us to “place an order”, going through the whole order process including the payment, but knowing that we actually won’t be charged and won’t receive the product? Just wondering what we as Beta Testers should be doing. Thanks!

The order testing of Wyze Sense Starter Kit is a bit cumbersome because you have to use test credit cards and we have to check the backend afterwards to make sure that a test order was placed and that the % units sold is working.

For now, you are more than welcome to test the other features from within the Wyze Sense Kit such as Discussion & Updates. You may leave your comments and feedback about the product spec and page. Thank you!

For those of us hoping to get into the Wyze Sense early access (pre-order?) will we need to revert to the non-beta version of the app to place an order?

If you are using any beta version and have tried to order anything from the shopping app between March 07 to March 24, those are just test orders.

To verify that you were able to place your orders successfully:

(1) From the app: Go to Accounts > Order History
(2) From the website: Login > Orders

Check that the status says Pre-Order. Thanks!