EDIT: Beta Early Access Orders Process Successfully

EDIT: Now orders placed through the beta app can be processed and paid for. Thanks for your patience! :slight_smile:

I see that some of you are already checking out Wyze Bulb! We’re so excited! Though if you want to place an order through Early Access, you need to use the production version of the app. You may still receive an email saying you purchased through Early Access while using the beta app but you won’t be charged and the order won’t process.

To do this, Android people can leave the beta program through the Google Play Store, uninstall the Wyze app, install the production version, use the Early Access there, and then join the beta program again through the Google Play Store.

People using iOS should use the non-Test Flight app version to purchase.

Here’s the link to the page with instructions for how to join or leave the beta program: Become a Beta Tester | Wyze

Thanks for your interest in Wyze Bulb! :smile:

Thanks for the heads up. I wasn’t aware orders from the WyzeBeta app would not process since I placed my Wyze Sense Early Access order through that app. I also placed an order for Wyze Bulb in the WyzeBeta (Android) app and my credit card was charged immediately. Will those charges reverse or is it really processing orders?


I have to imagine many people will end up being disappointed by this fact if they do not see this post. I know I felt I had my order placed… The response of 2 emails with an order number really reinforced it well. I definitely do not want to be charged twice. Can you tell me if Order #455433 exists?

Okay! This has now been changed. Orders placed through beta now can be processed and paid for. :slight_smile:

@kmich411, I’ll get someone to check your order.


Looks like your order went through correctly. You’re all set!

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Thanks Gwendolyn!

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I’m going to assume mine went through too since my card was charged. Thanks for your help!

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My pleasure! :slight_smile:

how do we know if order went throught or not?

Did you receive an email verifying your purchase? And did you get charged for your purchase as well?

If you would like to give me your order number, I can look into it from my end. :slight_smile:

Email early access link Says

Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.

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The early access web interface is POOR.
I try to change the shipping address and when I try to enter a different street address the screen does not display the address box and putting in a different number the da## drawing stuff takes up the address box.
I give up.

i received two emails at the same time
and a precharge on credit card,
does that mean sucess?

I could image ppl can get really frustrated if after a month realized that their orders were not go through …

I suggest wyze wrote a script to detect those that are not go through and notify them
or at least let people know how to check if their order go through or not

It’s only available if you are member of the group and have purchased Sense or Bulb Early Access.

I did purchase them an Hour ago
I thought that is why I received that email with the link

Is early access only available through the app ?

Sounds like a success to me, earthsci! Thanks for checking and for your suggestion. :slight_smile:

And yes, Early Access is only available through the app. Though the forum category should be available once you purchase through Early Access.

Does it take awhile for it to become available ? forum category isn’t available right now
I did watch the AMA on YouTube

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