Wyze Plug Available In Early Access!

We’re sorry your Hogwarts letter (probably) never came. But with Wyze Plug, you can be a wizard like Harry! Schedule your coffee maker and power your gadgets all through the Wyze app while you’re away. Wyze Plug works like magic. :wink:

Become an Early Access backer here: https://www.wyze.com/wyze-plug/


EDIT: Sorry about the server issues that the first rush of people ran into! Those were resolved yesterday and you should be able to order through both the website and the app. :slight_smile:


Wish the company would prepare for the increased traffic - site is pretty much locked up. Can’t finish payment, so I guess I will not buy any.
Hire someone with some actual experience on eCommerce and be ready for the surge. Guess it just shows the company is still at the bottom of the learning curve of being a big time business.


We apologize for the difficulty and the team is working on this problem. I will share your feedback with them.


The Wyze Plug has much interest :smile:

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I ended up with 2 orders. Will both ship? I’ll gladly take both or can live with one being cancelled so others can enjoy.

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I have multiple orders as well. I received Order creation failed from the iOS app, yet it appears the orders were created…

…so I turned to the PC to place the order and received errors.
I have been trying to cancel the duplicate orders but still getting 524 and 502 errors.

Keep up the good work and we will keep bringing your servers to their knees.

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Endured many many errors trying to order then, even more, trying to pay. The only way to get a payment accepted was to use my Amazon Account which has now created a new account with Wyze.

So @WyzeGwendolyn, how can I get Wyze to consolidate my now three accounts with Wyze?

So sorry that these Early Access Launches are not going smoothly.

:+1::+1: for making the shipping change to exclusively USPS. The only way it could be better is if all your fulfillment was through Amazon.


Same here. I tried numerous times and only got 502 errors. Then I decided to look in my email spam folder and saw that mine did go through. I never got a confirmation on the website that my order went through…very strange. I hope I don’t get charged multiple times.

Everyone might want to check your spam folder to make sure it didn’t end up in there.

It took three tries but I finally got my order in!

@nswint, if you want both orders, we can leave that alone and let you enjoy them. :slight_smile:

@goadywho, have you contacted our support team about your duplicate orders? If so, may I have your ticket number so I can bring it to their attention? If not, please fill out this form and let me know your support ticket number when it arrives. Submit a request – Wyze

@DadCooks, sorry about that! I’d recommend contacting our support team with your accounts and order numbers so they can be moved to your primary account. Submit a request – Wyze

@StopICU33, thanks for the information! We appreciate it.

@j.rosen, thank you for letting us know! Sorry about the initial trouble. :slight_smile:


I just paid for my order but I don’t think my order was process I been waiting to see my order history but its just hanging, should I wait to see if it shows later or should I try again?

Perfect timing! Just installed my V2 + Sense kit last night and was wondering about the plugs.

Like others, I ended up with 2 orders (I will gladly give the plugs a good home). I was tempted to keep clicking, but the My Account → Orders page finally updated. I have a few outlets just waiting to exercise these.

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Thanks for letting us know! If the money left your account then you’re probably good. Did you receive a confirmation email?

Thank you, @hatallica! We appreciate you letting us know.

It also took 3 tries for my order to complete and I did not get a confirmation email… and I checked spam folder… nadda. Under my account orders it shows an order for the plug that is “on hold” so I assume the order was successful.

Wow… like there’s even a queue just to get in. Just like the upscale fancy clubs in the city.

In like Flynn, ordered, and done.

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I’ve got mine on order and can’t wait to use them with the wyze sense kit !:sunglasses:


@mstokens, I’d recommend contacting customer support if your order is still listed as on hold just in case there was a payment issue due to the ordering issues. Submit a request – Wyze

@None, glad you made it into our exclusive website! Thanks for your order. :slight_smile:

@Falcon, thank you! We’re excited to hear your thoughts! :smiley:

@WyzeGwendolyn I did not contact support but do not think I need to. I had 15 orders from where I kept submitting after I got an error that the order was not created. I was able to cancel 14 of the orders and submit payment for the first one. Now I have 1 order is Pre-order status and 14 in Cancelled status. If needed I can contact support but I will let them sort through everyone else’s issue if cancelled means cancelled. It just took a while to get pasted the gateway errors.

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