Unable to order products in Android app using PayPal

I am unable to order anything from my android Wyze Beta app with PayPal.
The message I receive when trying is : “Something went wrong - go back to merchant” error.
My girlfriend has the non beta version of the app and is also having the same issue.
Have other people being having this same problem? Is there a fix for this ?

I was previously in the beta program and it was stated that you can’t place an order through the beta app at that time. Use your web browser to go to the website and place an order.

I had thought that might be the issue myself, but as my GF does not have the beta version of the application on android and she is also getting the same error message, I figured that application version may not be the issue. :slight_smile:

I’m having the same problem right now, I don’t have PayPal as option at the webstore only US based credit cards!! in the APP I have the same error “something went wrong” I contacted support without any miserable help, Wyze sucks, I could purchase several cameras for my employer 5 months ago using PayPal with a non-US based credit card and with different billing and shipping add, but something is different now that I’m trying to purchase cameras for myself with my PayPal account, no help at all, these people seems to be living in the early 2000 non accepting PayPal nor non-US based credit cards