Payment Refused

Every time I try to place an order on Wyze’s website I get a payment refused error. It doesn’t matter which browser, which device, or which card I use. I found a way around it twice before for the home monitoring system and for the night lights by using PayPal to place the order, but that option is now presenting a different error. How can I enjoy wyze products if I can’t purchase them?

What error is it giving you?

Just says payment refused. I ended up ordering a V3 cam through amazon.

I have been trying to order an additional V3 Cam for 2 weeks. Also get the message Payment Refused. I tried different browsers, different cards, restarting phone (PC offers no options for payment lol). I am not a new cust, My card is saved in my account from previous purchases. Spoke to several CS last week and so far no one has gotten back to me. I can’t use what I can’t buy. One of the ticket numbers is 1279642.