Wyze Cam 3 Pre-Order PayPal Broken

Can’t order Wyzecam3 with PayPal. “Something went wrong - go back to merchant” error.

Anyone else?

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Checkout with PayPal worked for me

Just tried with PayPal and it said “Sorry, something went Wrong. Plese try again.”

@securitycamguy and @MarkR, is this issue still occurring?
Any @Mavens with this issue?

I purchased via PayPal today and it worked

I made 2 separate orders with pay pal today and it worked perfectly

Still happening to me. Android app.

Was not able to use the Android Wyze app to purchase a v3 cam via PayPal … failed at least 3x. Ended up using Wyze’s website to purchased it . Used a credit card instead of PayPal and used previous order data to complete the transaction.

I was unable to use PayPal either. This isn’t the first time PayPal hasn’t worked when Wyze did a new product launch
This time I took it as a sign and cancel my order.

I’m having the same problem with this as well. I am givin the error “Sorry something went wrong, please try again.” It gives me an option to go back to the seller but the screen freezes if I choose that option. I am forced to close out of PayPal. I’ve tried choosing both PayPal balance and from my card provided, but nothing works. Would it be easier if I just used the credit card option? I am doing all of this from my mobile device if that Helps?

Welcome Brieanna. If your preference is to use PayPal and your Wyze account is tied to a US address, try these before using the credit card option:

If you’re running a VPN service on your device, try turning it off. PayPal’s fraud detection may see your use as “irregular” due to a VPN location that differs from your account’s address.

Try purchasing from the Wyze website via a web browser on a computer vs a phone.

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I had the same problem with PayPal as well using the Wyze app on an Android phone. Got all the way through checkout and got the “Something went wrong” error. Tried twice and got the same error.

Checked my PayPal account, and have pendings TWICE. Checked my Wyze account for orders - no orders. Fantastic.

As I said in another thread - no free shipping for Wyze supporters and early adopters, and can’t even checkout right. I’ll just wait to order through Amazon as there seems to be no advantage ordering directly from Wyze. :frowning:

Still happening to me.

Are you still getting the same error message? Make sure that your using the correct PayPal credentials.

I get “checkout failed, please try again”. The PayPal link doesn’t open for me. I get the same error for credit too. It doesn’t even take me to the payment page. I’ve had checkout issues for over a year and previously opened two tickets about it and just opened a third. I basically contact them whenever there’s a new product that I want buy. I have a feeling that the + in my e-mail address is screwing up some kind of pre-validation of my information.