UPDATED 1/22/20 - Firmware For All Wyze Cams and Wyze Bulb Released - 1/21/20

I was really excited to see an updated firmware released today and saw the notes that the update will improve the audio and video sync issue. Had my V2 cam’s firmware updated right after I saw the release and tried to test the issue and unfortunately the audio and video are still out of sync.

Need to mention that the issue seems only exists when you choose HD.

A little disappointed.

Yea… I saw the update pop up when using the app today. Disappointed a solution wasn’t created to replace the Ai person recognition before taking the current one away. That was bummer news to begin with when Wyze lost their contract.

Off topic - but what the heck happened to the outdoor cam that was supposed to have been released at the end of November?

It got delayed a bit but is still in testing.

Well… that’s a little more than a “bit” delayed, when release was supposed to have been nearly two months ago.

The other thing I haven’t heard back on (no one responds) is known issues with “time lapse” recording.

We can record, but you just can’t get the recording without attaching the memory card direct to a computer, and even then - you have to jump through hoops to convert it to a playable video file. :frowning:

It just seems the problems are getting stacked up with no resolution in sight.


I have not run a time lapse in awhile but I will run one tomorrow and see how it goes, last time I did one probably was early december and it worked for me

Didn’t receive an update for cams, but got the one for bulbs

Same here, bulbs updated but still says cams are up to date on 49536.

I didn’t see this mentioned in comments. Updated my bulbs. I’m not seeing the power loss recovery options for the bulbs. Is this a behind the scenes thing, or an option I should have?

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There is a possibility that the actual setting will be in an app update, I am running beta. I wlil see if I can find out.

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It’s not showing up in my production app. Is it only in the Beta?

Its possible, I am running beta so it is likely

I checked the release notes and I didn’t see anything mentioned about it yet. It looks like it is still in Beta atm.

The firmware says it added support for it but I am guessing it also needs the updated app

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Right. It shows in the Beta but not in the production yet. It shouldn’t be much longer for it to be fully released to production. It will be a nice feature addition when it’s ready.


Thank you!

Hi @WyzeGwendolyn, the firmware update didn’t fix the audio out of sync issue, could you please check with the team and see what could be the reason and if it could be fixed soon?

Thank you


I’m a user of the beta app on Android. I checked this morning and all 3 of my V2 cams are already on this firmware and there’s still a delay in the audio/video sync.

UPDATE 1/22/20:

As some of you noticed, we paused the firmware upgrades for Wyze Cam v2 and Wyze Cam Pan yesterday. We found a couple of issues that did not surface during the beta testing rounds that would lead to load issues with our cloud and connectivity problems for people using Wyze Cams in groups on iOS devices.

We are still working on the fixes for these issues and they will require another firmware upgrade later. In the meantime, no further devices will be upgraded to the new firmware and we are working on solutions to these problems. We expect to have a resolution in the near future. If you are having trouble viewing groups after the firmware update, please contact our customer support team so we can help:


We apologize for this experience and appreciate your patience.


Updates not happening for me. I opened device settings on several cameras. Checked for an update. App claimed that I was up-to-date in each case, although the version shown on my iPhone was older (lower #) than the update message above. Is it still rolling out???