Bulbs Offline After Power Outage, Wont Reset

What version of the app are you running? I suspect it is dependent on the beta.

I can install the beta app on another device later and see if that makes a difference

I’m not seeing it on Android or iOS either. I upgraded my bulbs to the new firmware1.2.0.183. App V2.7.19 AndroidCapture _2020-01-21-21-43-59

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Android 8, Beta app V2.8.23 , bulb firmware , there it is


It’s Beta only I believe. It’s not in the release notes yet.

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Apparently you have to have the latest bulb firmware and the beta app for it to be available


Yep! It hasn’t been officially released yet. It will be nice when it goes production for everyone.

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The latest phone beta APP and the latest firmware for the bulbs appears to fix the issue on power loss. Turned off the switch to two bulbs, one on DHCP and one on reserved IP on the router. Left it off for three days. Turned on the light and both came back as connected, within 30-60 seconds without doing anything. Changed color, increased level and all worked. So this resolved the last issue that I’m aware of with the bulbs.
vtester, san whoknows


the power loss recovery option allows the choice of coming back from a power loss with the lights “on” or in the “previous state”. When you have a cabin that loses power frequently the last thing you need is to come back and find the lights on for a week. There is still one minor bug left, that is it shows there is a firmware update available for lights in a group when going to “more” and back. I can live with that for a while.

I’m looking forward to the full production release. Maybe folks won’t be blinded in the middle of the night after an interruption in the power. :upside_down_face:


What’s odd is Power Loss Recovery was specifically mentioned in the announcement but not in the release notes. Somebody goofed.


I think they need to add an “off” option. We lost power at 8 at night once, it came back on at 2 AM the light was on when the power failed. In that scenario no matter what you pick it’s going to come back as on.

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For sure. @WyzeGwendolyn I’m sure can handle it


Hmm, the power fail feature is advertised as a firmware only feature no mention of needing an app update.

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Yeah that’s confusing :neutral_face:

It does say “support for” as opposed to stating it contains the feature independent of the app. But I wager the majority of folks will read that as it’s ready to use.

I wager that to , that was my initial thoughts .
Why would it be listed as a new function , but then it has to have the new beta app to function, if it doesn’t function with the general production app , it should say that you need the beta app.
Or maybe it was supposed to work with that general production app but it just doesn’t

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We’re planning on releasing the 2.8 app in the near future (early next week, if all goes according to plan). That will enable the control for everyone. The release notes are intended to show the changes in the versions but sometimes there are features that are not fully available until the app comes out. In a similar vein, the new camera firmware prevents person detection but the app won’t reflect that until it is updated later.


It works!

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  • Updated my bulbs to firmware

  • Updated my iOS app to 2.8.20

  • Set each bulb’s Power Loss Recovery setting to “Maintain Previous State”

  • Experienced short power outage last night

  • All 3 bulbs were not able to reconnect after power outage

  • All 7 of my cameras were able to reconnect after power outage

  • I am away from home for several days and unable to manually set bulbs to pairing mode

  • Firmware update for bulbs = FAIL