Update: Issue is resolved.... “Playback being used by other device" message:

I was trying to view videos using the “playback” feature on one of my V3 Cams, however, when I attempted to access the videos I got “Playback being used by other device” message. I attempted to view videos on my other V3 cams and they also are giving me the same message. I have other Wyze Cams that are not V3 I am able to view videos using the “playback” feature on those. I have the Wyze app installed ONLY on my Android telephone. I have changed my password, cleared cache on app and uninstalled then reinstalled the app and I still continue to get the “playback being used by other device” messages. Anyone having the same issue, and is there a fix for this?

Thanks in advance.

Have you done a power cycle on all the cams?

Yes I did, I’ve tried just about everything I can think of.

Another test… Pull the SD Card, power cycle the cam, reinsert. Test.

You show the Beta badge. Are these cams testing Beta FW?

I also tried that but still nothing :pensive:

What firmware is the v3 on? At this point, I would try a factory reset and maybe a manual firmware flash if you want to try a different firmware version.

What actual firmware versions are on the cameras? And what actual app version are you using? Need to determine if this is a beta branch issue or a production branch issue.

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I’m also seeing a Beta App Submit Log Button. Can’t rule out that this may also be some Beta App conflict w\ the V3 firmware or Beta V3 Firmware. Please post your app version as well.

The app is v2.39.0 (b170), the cam firmware is

The first question I have is where did you get that Firmware for the V3 Cam?

There are no current Beta Releases for the V3 cam.

The last Production FW release for the V3 was which was only available for OTA update to cams previously running 4.36.10.xxxx or direct download and flash update to prior versions.

So far as any Beta Tester or production FW user is concerned, that FW version doesn’t exist yet.

Also, the app you are using is a Beta App in testing with inherent risks of bugs that should be reported back to the developers in the Wyze Official Beta App Release Thread:

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A Wyze representative is assisting me with this issue, thanks everyone for all of your suggestions.

Thank you Desmond for resolving all issues I was experiencing with my cams and app.

how did they fix it?