Update failure on Wyze Cam V2

I’m currently running vs. 2.24.34 IOS version of the Wyze app and continue to receive an error message when attempting to upgrade my v2 camera from vs. to vs. The message states the update failed, please power cycle your camera and try again. I rebooted numerous times and the same message appears. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Is your camera near your router? Can you move it there long enough to see if that helps?

I would first try what @Newshound ecommended. This will also ensure you remove the power and then when you plug the power back in, it will recycle. Doing this through the app, does not always work.

The other approach I have taken, which seemed to help me is:

  1. Go to Account Menu Choice
  2. Go to App Settings
  3. Tap on Clear Cache.
  4. Shut down the app fully
  5. Restart the phone
  6. Go back into the app and try the update again.
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And there is always a factory reset:


That worked. Thx

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