Unsuccessful to extend Access - Wyze Lock

Wyze App
Settings → Keypad Settings → Access Codes
Shows various Codes I have set up. One of which was temporary (from Date/time to Date/time).

That one code expired yesterday.
When in the app (continue to choosing the "GUEST CODE"I tried to extend it for another few days.
Although the app took (and updated) the new date/time it did not permit that same code to be used (extending it beyond the original date/time).

When I return to the list of Access codes (Settings → Keypad Settings → Access Codes) it is still listed as “expired”?

Am I missing a step to extend the code? Or is this not a permitted activity?

I decided to delete the code and create a new guest code with the same Access number (which worked - but seems inconsistent with the interface).

(this is the original lock with keypad) not the one with fingerprint sensor.

Welcome to the Forum @bfactor

I had never used this in the past, but, set one up to test.

I basically had a temporary code for 15 minutes.
When the time elapsed the code showed expired.

I went back into the temporary code and changed the time for a period of time later in the day

Hit Save, Then Next, I got the update wheel and when I went back to the list of codes it no longer said expired.

So it did update for me in that scenario.

I am currently on iOS version 2.50.0(14)