Unstable Network Error

I recently, March 10th 2023, purchased a Wyze doorbell and a pan cam v2 camera. Easy setup…but they both started presenting an unstable network error when I tried to access them. Haven’t had them two weeks. I am sure its not my network because, I have checked my up/down stream and before these cameras, I had a baby monitor and arlo connected which streamed with no issues. I have seen other posts but no real solutions.

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If you are Live Streaming the cams, your up\down speeds aren’t in play. The cams establish a Peer to Peer stream that is confined within your network and won’t use the internet. While it may not be the strength of the WiFi, it may be how the particular router is handling the stream. There are routers notoriously bad for cams.

Not every router treats the cams the same way. I had issues with my old router deprioritizing my cams under the QOS feature and had to turn it off. I got that same message on other cams that weren’t getting a good signal. Then I upgraded to a full Mesh system and haven’t had any issues

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Yep, older routers or routers provided by your isp are especially bad, because they weren’t designed to handle all the streams from modern cameras.

A mesh system (like the Wyze mesh system :wink:) would probably fix all your issues, or any other brands mesh system.

It’s amazing how much of a difference a network makes.