Unsolicited vacuum - Wyze threatened to charge!

Wyze sent me a robot vacuum that I didn’t order. When I contacted support to see if I could get it back to the company they threatened to charge me - illegal according to the FTC. Has anyone else been dealing with this behavior?

Welcome to the forums! I will send your concern up the ladder and try and get some more info for you about this or a direction for this to be taken to get some resolve. Did Support send you a ticket number after you were done speaking with them? If they did, could you post that number here in the thread.


The ticket number is 1057471.

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Hello @MikeGru, I have not heard of anyone coming across this issue and you are correct that is not how it should work. Do you have a ticket number from your call with support that u can get some eyes on?

Edit just saw your ticket number thanks, I’ll see what I can do


Probably crossed paths, but the ticket number is now in the thread. Thanks


@MikeGru , Looks like the eyes are on issue and hopefully this turns into a positive! Thanks for bringing this issue up!

@MikeGru Do you have the agent name?


Yes, Kim. An update: Wyze (Natalie) backed off on the charge but I’m concerned that this will happen again without better training. Totally unacceptable to threaten (and illegal to carry out) to charge for a mistaken shipping of unsolicited and unwanted items. I was trying to help the company out - who is actually within a mile or so of my home and I have a lot of interest in helping local business - and was totally surprised, and not in a good way, about the response.