Unresponsive Customer support

So, is anyone else having this problem?
I purchased some items from the store on the 25th of August using Paypal.
I decided to cancel one order after it had already been charged. I am still waiting for that refund to my Paypal acccount (I was told 5 days for the refund).
The second order still hasn’t shown up and I’ve gotten no response other than the automated “we’ll get back to you”. No tracking number, nothing.
Neither order shows up when I select “store” on the app despite the fact that that’s where I put in the orders.

@tsmyles Sorry to hear about this problem. Sounds like you have been patient enough on your order and refund. I will see if I can draw some attention over here to your post. :wink:

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As this is primarily a user to user forum you would probably be better off with an issue like this to speak directly with customer support. None of us work for Wyze so we don’t have the necessary access to resolve your issue.

But the folks at Wyze are super helpful. You can open a ticket here:


The support was a little slow the one time I contacted them. Took about 10 days for them to respond. I had already found a workaround for my issue in that time. Luckily, I haven’t needed it since.

We apologize for the delayed responses. We are further behind on tickets than we would like to be and we’re working on that. May I please have your support ticket number so I can draw attention to your ticket and look into the refund issue?


Thanks!! Starting to get desperate!