Unplugging Wyze cam pan

Why is it every time I unplug my cam to place it in another spot i have to re register it? I unplugged it to move it and it basically asks me to set it up again…Also why can I not connect to my cam when I am away from my network?

Are you by chance pushing the setup button on the bottom?

I wasn’t but it wouldn’t connect so i did and basically had to re-set it up…should I just wait for it to connect next time?

I would yes, pushing the setup button will of course start setup from scratch and is helpful in some cases. But you should be able to unplug a camera, move it, and it should reconnect. As long as it’s still close enough to the WiFi network of course.


Watch the status light after you plug it in , it takes a little bit for it to connect up , when the light stops blinking and is solid blue it should be good to go

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Takes a couple minutes to reconnect usually. (Maybe longer if you have a weak WiFi signal) But if you push the button, yeah, you’ll reset the cam and have to set it up again from scratch.

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