Unlucky Motion sensor near home heating exhaust exit

Following is just my situation, the product itself works fine.

I put Wyze motion sensor outside the house (under the lip of window frame to avoid rain) pointing toward a door into house. I was happy for the result…for ~3 hrs. Then I get false alarm every few hours. I am 99% sure there is no animal passing by. Then it darn on me, the house heat exhaust is on the same wall where I stick the sensor. I am guessing, The warmer air is tripping the sensor. Unfortunately the exhaust about 3 feet shooting in front of the door, so no matter where I move the sensor, as long as I point in door direction, this will happen.

Yes, IR motion detectors are actually detecting changes in heat. Outdoors, they’re never perfect, but you’d especially get a lot of false positives in a situation like that.

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