Motion sensor v2 false positive

A garage mounted motion sensor v2 false positive alert caused a police visit to my home on Dec 26 with no one and no pets at home (400 miles away) and no sign of intrusion —very embarrassing. All the other inside/outside sensors (entry, motion, cams) were dead quiet. The sensor was still mounted securely when I got home. The other motion sensor directly opposite it (16 feet away) was clear the whole minute. No changing heat sources in the garage except for a freezer 20 feet in front of the sensor. What caused the alert/alarm? I’ve tried shaking the tight fitting garage door like a big wind, but the panels only moved less than .5 inch. How do I check the sensor.

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Had the same problem with my motion sensors when I first installed them. Never trusted them since and have never used HMS in anything other than Test Mode as a result. Others have been having similar issues recently also resulting in false alarms and police dispatch.

One such link:

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Any alarm call I have gotten from Noonlight is because of the motion. The other funny thing is with a traditional security system, a motion is programmed for an instant alarm. When the motion is triggered with Wyze the countdown timer starts. I’ve considered removing it from the monitored list.