Universal power supply cord device to USB wall adaptor for charging/connecting to electricity

All my cameras and base station arrived with USA Power Supply wall adaptor. Would like to see these shipped with universal. Device to USB wall adaptor plug.

As these cameras are being shipped all over the world these days (Amazon). So a power supply from device to USB in the long run would better for your overseas customers. Everyone has a wall USB plug they pretty much come standard with every cellphone these days.

The phone companies are just leaving out the adapters entirely. But to do what you suggest every device would need to operate at 5 Volts. The Wyze cameras do but as far as I know the WCO base station and similar consoles/hubs do not.

Shipping power supplies to countries where they can’t be used creates waste. You are a 100% right the cameras can use readily available power cables most households already have. But the base stations not so much. Today had to unplug 1 base station to use the plug on the baby monitor another product requiring an adapter.

Ordered another 5 adapters.

The Wyze devices here all indicate Input Voltage 100-240V~ 50/60Hz including the WCO Base and Sens Hub. They are all 5VDC output except for the WCO Base which is 12VDC.