Unexpected 'Offline' notices

Good morning !! Today is June 17 and for the last week or so I have noticed that several of my V2 cameras and sensors displaying the ‘This device isOffline’ message when I view them on my iPhone, I cannot access them and view live video

I am in hope that Wyze is aware of this and a firmware or Software update will address this issue

These devices are very attractive to buyers on the market, but if not dependable 24/7 then they quickly fall from favor. I really like the company but if I cannot depend on the product to reliably do what I installed it to do it causes me to question my loyalty to them.

Although paramount, new product development should go hand in hand with making reliability just as important

Regarding those same sensors, the message ‘No any video’ should probably read ‘No video available’

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Hi @Big_monkey, I’m hoping you have also submitted feedback with logs to Wyze for this issue. This way the dev team can be more aware of your issue. They don’t normally monitor the forum, particularly this category which is intended to be for user to user assistance. :slight_smile:

@ [DreadPirateRush] Thanks for your reply, Could you explain that process as I would love to submit to the correct area

Did you submit feedback/support request? You should have received a ticket number which you can post here. I have also noted some other members on here having a similar issue, but I’m not sure if they’re related, or not. When the mods start seeing a trend, we then report the issue to Wyze.