Under the House

Some friends mentioned they thought there were noises coming from under the house at night… So we stuck a Pan cam down there for a night.

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I’m gonna give that a go but what the heck was that !

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Baby opossum?


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Yes, I also would say that it is young opposum. You need to find out where he/she is coming in a plug the hole.

Definitely a small opossum. We caught him the next night and took it to find a new home by the lake.

My friends found the hole and blocked it without realizing something was already living under there. Presumably, the opossum trying to get out was the reason for the all the new noises under the house. Fortunately, this seems be the only one living there.

Does anyone know why the video won’t play for me? I can see the still shot, see two little bright eyes, and see the video is 1:44 in length, but when I click on it the picture goes white and won’t play.

it is a bug with the forum, that we are investigating. You can view the video by using a different browser.

@CaptainMark @Loki FYI

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…or you might be able to right-click the video and choose something like download or open in new window. That may work for you.

Just saw this. This was working a few days ago. Let me double check

Awe a possum

I was able to right click and “save video as” then could play - on Dell Desktop in Chrome browser.