Unboxing and setting up the thermostat temperature sensor

My thermostat temperature sensor arrived! Here it is with a house key for scale.

Here’s what’s in the box:

2022-05-10 14.58.42

Installation was quick and easy, typical of Wyze products. You install it under the thermostat, not under the main screen with the plus sign. But it took just a few seconds after the obligatory firmware upgrade. It connected to the thermostat over bluetooth from much farther away than it should have. Another floor of the house, even.

The sensor itself was reading REALLY high for a while, probably because it was sitting outside on the porch for a bit. It acclimated pretty quickly and seems perfectly accurate. It’s not 82 degrees in my office.

I like the motion sensor on it, to help balance temperature. I’m hoping it helps keep my bedroom cooler at night!