Unable to view camera feed or event video in landscape on Pixel 7 Pro with 3 button navigation turned on

Similar to this thread (Landscape mode in Wyze app doesn't work - #16 by Bam), I’m unable to view video, live or event, in landscape mode on my Pixel 7 Pro as long as 3 button navigation is turned on. Everything is updated, rebooted and cache cleared, etc. videos all work fine in Portrait. But when viewing a video and rotating, it will flash 1 frame, go black, then will back up to the previous screen (Device list or Event list).

Based on that previous thread, I attempted to change the resolution of the phone from 1080+ to 1440 and back and it still occurs on both resolutions.

The only solution was to turn off 3-button navigation and use gesture navigation (which I do not like). Is Wyze aware of this and are they attempting to fix it??

I have the Pixel 6 pro and a long time user of the 3 button navigation instead of gestures.

I finally decided to try gestures and over a short time adapted to it.

Now I prefer gestures navigation :thinking:

Definitely an alternative, but still a bug I’d rather have fixed.

Just tried 3-button navigation on my Pixel 6 pro
which is running Android 13, seems to work fine.
So something different in the Pixel 7 pro?

AH!! What the hell? I just went back to try it again and it’s working even with 3-button nav on. It didn’t work originally, switch to gestures and it worked, switched back to 3 and it didn’t work. Now you post this and it suddenly works. I don’t know.

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That’s the way technology goes. If you run into it again, try to send a login right then and post the number here and our team can work on getting it known to the right people to see if they’re aware of it or see if they can track something down in the log.

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