New wyze app update broken

Ever since the update now when you press playback so that you can scroll backwards for a time during the next closest even that a camera failed to pick up now it takes you to a live feed instead of accessing the micro sd card and allowing you to scroll. If i wanted a live feed id click on the camera and look at the dang thing. You just broke a very important feature for me on an app update to make a change that nobody has asked for. Its trash now. Might as well dump all of my cameras and buy a different brand. I cant get to where i need to go when i need to get there immediately because yall cant get you sh*t together

I can’t reproduce this, what camera model? Playback from live view or playback from an event?

Wyze camera v3 pro. Click on the sd card button and it forces a live feed and then has an events slider on the bottom half of the screen instead of an sd card recording time slide bar like the regular v3s have

Click on events then click on playback (micro sd card icon) on a camera that is a v3 pro and it will force a live feed instead of just giving you the micro sd recordings and slider that you usually have on the v3 regulars. It basically makes the sd card useless and its so many problems that its stuck trying to force a live feed that wont connect in that option to even let you view whats in the sliders below. Completely pointless option/change. Im not sure if this change was even asked for. Everything was perfect before this update on the v3 pros now i cant use my sd card to view stuff because they changed the app

Sorry, I don’t have a V3 pro

Yes, the UI is different with the V3 Pro. One of my V3 Pros in my truck and is currently removed from the truck while the truck is in the shop. The other one normally has zero events. However it actually had one four days ago and clicking the Playback icon correctly brought me to that point from the uSD card.
Camera firmware:
App version: 2.50.0 (b404)
Motorola Edge+ 5G UW (2022) with Android 13