Unable to turn camera on/off with Google home

I am able to view live feed on my Google home screen but unable to turn cameras on and off.
I have several different cameras including camv3 , the new pan v3.
Google home 4 speakers and 1 screen.

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The ability to turn cameras on and off is not a capability that is available in the Google Home integration. This option is also not available with Alexa.

You could power the cameras with a smart plug and control the smart plug from Google Home to turn the cameras on ad off.

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Thank you for replying. I will use a smart plug. I wish I could attach a screenshot. I found where wyze has “camera on” as a Google command twice.

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I do want to note for any Wyze Employees that may ever browse this thread, As of just over a month ago, Google has now added compatibility for Wyze to be able to allow this for basically every device, but Wyze has to allow it now. It is a Device Action: device.command.OnOff and Wyze could and should now add support for it. Google recently added over a hundred starters and actions that Wyze could support now. I wish someone at Wyze would look into it. I know Google has been very limited for a long, long time, but as of this summer they revamped their entire system with a bunch of new stuff, and so I wish Wyze would take the time to look into what else they could add to it now, including allowing people to turn on and off their cameras and other devices. I don’t blame Wyze for having limits before now, but they should re-evaluate things now that it’s all been updated within the last 1-2 months with more options.