Unable to record

I hand installed three cameras with 32g SD cards, formatted, and performed the firmware upgrade upon initial power up. I have adjusted sensitivity for sound, and motion, widened the detection zone to full camera view. While I can watch real time cameras, they will not record. Please help.

And you have this set ?

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Are you pressing the “playback” button at the bottom of the live view screen (its al the bottom)? Or are you pressing the “record” button on the live view screen (near the other buttons, take photo, talk, sound etc)?

If you have the SD cards (located in local storage off the advanced settings menu, see @myswtest pic above) set up, to view their footage is from the playback button.

My gut says that you are pressing the “Record” button, is that right? does it say access denied? If you press that button it records short clips straight to your device, not the cameras sd card. There are several different ways to record footage (cloud, sd card and manual record button), and all are independent of each other.

For best troubleshooting help, do explain “they will not record” more in depth. Also, if you can say what app version, type of the cameras you are using any more info that will help set up your situation. Thanks!

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Thanks for the prompt reply.

I have the WYZE V2 cameras, with firmware and the app version on my iPad is V2.10.62. I can record by pressing the record button. My cameras won’t record events triggered by sound or motion. There aren’t any events in the cache. I hav set my sensitivity
for both to the highest levels possible in hope that it would sense something and save it. It doesn’t seem to matter whether I press view events or view playback. The only events there are on my device are from my trial of full motion capture. I am currently
set up to “record events only” hoping to maximize the 32g card space. Is this my issue?