Unable to connect Wyze Sense Hub to Sensor or Keypads

I received my Wyze Home Monitoring kit and could not connect the Wyze Sense Hub using the Ethernet cable provided that I connect to my Xfinity modem. Then I was able to get a wifi connect by removing the cable. When I attempt to connect to sensors or keypads to the hub it fails due to a time out error. I have a ticket 1223875 opened but after 3 day no resolution. My next step if I can’t find a solution is to box it up and return it to Wyze. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Well the first thing is to get your hub connected. Preferably connected via the RJ45 Ethernet cable…

Are you trying to attach the HMS hub into a Switch and then plugged into the Xfinity modem… or are you trying to plug the HMS hub directly into one of the available ethernet ports on the modem?

If the HMS hub is connected via WIFi, if you were to plug the ethernet cable into the back of your modem and the other end into the hub, you should wait a few moments and then it should switch over to ethernet. (You can see if you go to "home Monitoring Settings’ , “Hub settings”, “Device Info” Then at the bottom, you will see the “change connection” and the IP address of your HMS hub…

As far as the sensors, you want to make sure that you are only connecting to a 2.4 GHz (and not 5Ghz)…[If you’ve already done that, try rebooting the Xfinity modem so that it can refresh and/or install any service patches or firmware/upgrade.}

Also, you should be able to turn off the 5GHz option on the modem until you are done installing all the sensors you want… And try installing the sensors with them close to the HMS hub, modem, and your phone/tablet if you are not already doing that… (Just to make sure they are setup and recognized by the HMB hub before putting then on a window or door.)