Unable to buy Wyze Home Monitoring with Leak sensors

I ordered Home Monitoring (annual) service with 2 3-packs of the Leak Sensors.

My card was charged, the service countdown began immediately and I was able to lookup the invoice.

NOTE I was disappointed that the service expiry was one year from the order date. It seems to me that the countdown should begin on first use of the service.

However, after 10 working days, no order confirmation was sent and no order was listed on Wyze’s site, so I canceled the order.

I was encouraged to try again which I did. The same thing happened including being refunded and encouraged to try again.

Not one to do the same thing (more than twice) and expecting a different result, I’ve now (disappointedly) given up trying.

Has anyone else experienced this issue?

Welcome to the community @Daz , I personally have not experienced this with HMS. When I have I contacted Wyze and they took care of it.

Have you tried to call Wyze Support? you can reach them by phone: (206) 339-9646 Available Monday - Friday 4 am - 8 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT, or online: Wyze.com/suppor

Thanks @spamoni

Yes, both times it occurred, I contacted Wyze Support (online) and the folks there helpfully reimbursed me but recommended I try again.

I also placed an order 2 weeks ago for leak sensors, along with the required hub + 1 month of HMS. The order status was updated to pick/pack within 1 day, but then went back to processing and is still showing as processing today. I contacted support last week to see what the delay was and they responded saying an item is currently on backorder, but told me “do not worry it should be shipping soon”. I asked which item it was and they told me it was the leak sensors that were out of stock.

I completely understand inventory management with ETAs are impossible right now. But it is a little frustrating they took my order without a backorder notice, and also my order status is not showing back ordered. Previously the leak sensors were unavailable to order, so I’m not sure why they made them available to order (and still have them available to order) if they don’t have the inventory.

I don’t plan to use the HMS, but service starting on the order date is something Wyze needs to change, it should start on activation not the order date.

I wondered whether that was my experience too.

If, when I’d contacted support, I’d been told items were back-ordered, I’d have likely waited.

One other thing to ensure is that, when you receive the items, you should ensure Wyze restarts your subscription to your activation (not purchase) date.

Good luck!

I went elsewhere :face_holding_back_tears: