Unable to access monitoring

October 3, 2023. I’m unable to access monitoring on my Wyze app; it just comes up with blank screen, or says “oops, something went wrong , please try again by refreshing the page” after I hit the tab. Anybody else having this problem? And no, refreshing the page has done nothing.

I am sorry this happened and that I was delayed in seeing this, are you still experiencing this issue?

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As of right now, yes. And no worries.

My Wyze app is version

Are you accessing via VPN? If yes, please try disabling VPN.

No VPN running on my iPhone. Nor do I have VPN on my hub.

Some things to check from your iPhone:

Settings > Wyze > Local Network > toggle ON
Settings > Wyze > Location > While Using the App or Always
Settings > Wyze > Location > Precise Location > toggle ON

Some things to check from your iPhone while home and connected to your local WiFi (don’t forget to turn Cellular back on after testing):

Settings > turn Cellular OFF
Settings > WiFi > your WiFi network > Private Wi-Fi Address > toggle OFF

Private Wi-Fi Address Was the only thing I had to toggle off here, otherwise did everything as requested. Still no change.

Update to all, I’ve gone back-and-forth with Wyze tech-support and sent them a whole Lotta information and they cost me about two hours worth of work resetting things and so far no resolve. I am currently without an alarm system and unable to access it. After their advice I am no longer connected to the alarm company. And they are very slow in responding, from 12 hours to 24 hours so obviously they are not concerned that I am without a security system. Not happy. (this was to be posted three days ago, forgot to send it)

I received this two days ago:
Please know that we are keen to resolve this as much as you are. We recognize the effort that you have exerted in following the recommended steps and we apologize for the hassle that you have to go through.

We’ve reached out to the team and thanks to reports from users like you, our developers are aware of and actively investigating this issue as you have submitted the logs.

This request will now be closed as we are unable to offer any further troubleshooting. Please keep an eye out for future app and firmware updates. If the issue persists after those updates, please continue to submit logs so that our engineers can continue improving our devices.

As of yesterday, without any firmware updates, the system was working. Good thing I checked.

Had this Problem too. Had a situation where they did not automatically renew my monitoring subscription on 10/3 (as it was set up to do) so it disabled the entire security system, while I was traveling. When I called they first stated they had no record of a subscription. Then they figured out they did on a subsequent support case but could not explain why I was cut off. By then I was traveling for 2 weeks and had no way of activating the system. I asked them not to renew my subscription until I got home as I wanted to decide whether to continue. Also there is no way to reactivate the system remotely. A week later they charged me for a subscription (while I was still traveling) and they refuse to give me a refund, because they claim I renewed the subscription. Instead they are saying I can cancel but there will be no refund. At this point Wyze can keep the money, I am going with another security company