All content on app monitoring tab has disappeared

Earlier this month purchased hub, keypad, entry sensors, cameras, video doorbell plus, digital deadbolt, motion detection sensors. Along with 24/7 3rd party monitoring. Installed everything and for 2 weeks all working great. Could arm with home or away or click disarm. 3rd party monitoring was working. Last Sunday went to arm my system, I Tapped the monitoring icon at bottom of app and when monitoring page popped up is was blank. Nothing there. Have been emailing with support and no constructive help. They recognized there was a problem, asked for several logs which I sent, when no response I texted them and got a response to reset my sense hub as a new device. I have done that and started reconnecting the 20 devices to it when I tested the monitoring icon on my app and it is again blank. I feel vulnerable being unable to secure my home when not here. Any help appreciated.

Welcome @kgcvt2000

Can you provide what your App Version is? I am using the Beta Test app and it is working fine.

To see the Version go to the Account tab and select about at the bottom.

Also, you may want to try and clear cache, located under: Account > App Settings then select Clear next to Cache Files. I would also log out and log back in to see if that clears things up. If you do the Logout and back on make sure you know your password and 2FA if enabled.

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@spamoni4 already covered the possibilities with your App Version. I am using the Android Production App and it is working.

But… Since it is most likely an App issue that won’t load the Monitoring tab, it is most likely that you will still be able to arm and disarm the system using the Keypad even though the app UI isn’t working. Likewise, your Noonlight monitoring should also still work since they operate thru SMS and Phone Calls in the event of an Active Alarm. You won’t be able to cancel an alarm remotely, but Noonlight can do that for you after you provide your secret phrase.

Version 2.46.0 (6)
I have cleared out cache a couple of times.

This morning I finally got the monitoring page to come up but as I reenter my home info address, etc. when I go to name my home I get a create HMS ID failed error and cannot proceed further.

And yes have logged in and out several times. Support said I needed to reinstall the hub as a new device which I have done as well.

I have seen that issue from other users here in the forum, also on iOS. Haven’t seen any fix yet. But, because Support had you do a reinstall and it won’t set up, the keypad working is out now.