Ultimate garbage products with pic

Standaman: Creating fake scenarios does not support your theory. Wyze thermostats have great ratings.

You get what you paid for… Return to Home Depot all your WYZE hardware and demand a refund. They are in cahoots with WYZE.

I strongly suggest this thread be deleted. The title of this thread, as well as the poster’s statements, are unfounded and they have no valid statements to support their claims.

Although this topic is harshly critical towards Wyze, but we don’t censor a user for their personal opinion unless it violates the Community Guidelines.

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You are bringing up new information about the temperature jumping. Yes, jumping temperature would damage other connected equipment. But I’m going to put the blame on you (generally consumers) who buy Wyze equipment that Wyze has no business selling. Wyze cannot even get the basic WiFi connectivity and camera functionality correct, so what makes you think they can make a thermostat? Or a kitchen faucet valve? Or a garage door opener? If you value your A/C get some professional, proven product intended for that purpose. I won’t kill you to walk over to the thermostat on the wall and change the setting.

Move to Ecobee. Very happy with their product. I still have Wyze cams which work great. Sold thermostat on ebay for 15 bucks and threw out the rest.