UI double font

There is something wrong with UI under Notifications. I am seeing double Options under Alerts / Messages. Tried to delete and reinstall still the same issues? Its annoying.

App version and iOS or Android? (Looks like iOS). What model phone? Does this only occur when you have the phone call banner at the top? Have you done a force-restart of the phone?

You should be seeing a date selection banner under the Alerts/Message labels.

iOS 11.3, App 1.2.84, 7+, it went aways yesterday and it was working fine, but I am seeing it again today. It seems its related to calls banner, but I cant reproduce it every single time…weird.

I’m on a 7+, iOS 11.2.6, App version 1.3.104 (beta) and I can’t reproduce it even with an active call banner.