Was checking my cameras one night last week and saw what I cannot explain. Look above the white house in between the wires as it pulses and flies up to the right. I checked to make sure the camera wasn’t pulsing the recorded video and it is not. Take what you will from it.


Flying machine in need of a Tune up. Better call @TomG


Might have been something military.

Or …


Kinda looks like an advertising searchlight. Where they try to grab attention by scanning the sky with a surplus military air raid seach light. They park the trailer mounted search light at a business location hoping the curious will hop in their car and track down the light. Viola, customers.

I know those lights you are talking about however you are looking at the wrong thing. What I’m talking about is flying up from left to right beginning at the middle of the screen.

Lights on a plane will flash between 0.6-1.4 secs, so my guess is a plane that is obscured slightly by the cloud cover, so due to the reduced light level the video compression algo makes it look blurry.