UFO Bug? Caught on my floodlight

So it’s pretty late at night, the wife is sleeping, as are the dogs, so no one is moving around inside and the blinds are closed. I get the usual “it’s a bug setting off motion in the backyard,” and I capture this. My drunk mind is like “whaaaaat?”
Looks like a mini UFO. 4 Lights with no body but moving like a bug. What could this be?

Oh cool, I can’t attach a video to show you because I’m a new user? When does that change?
I’m a member for a few years but new to the forum…this is weird.

New users can automatically up their forum trust and member levels by participating in the forums. There are different bench marks like number of posts or replies read, total read time, replies liked etc. With each new trust level users are allowed to do more in the forums, add photos or videos, more replies or day, more likes per day etc for example. I’ll manually up your level so you can show your visual aid.

Could it be a reflection of a spider web strand of the camera ir lights? That’s where I see the “4 ufo lights” sometimes.

Look forward to seeing a your vid!

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Yes… I know one day that piece of dust will be the real deal, can’t wait to see it :alien:


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If you are able to upload the vid to the internet… like YouTube, you can post the link here.

As long as the lights weren’t red and green and flashing, I think you are safe. UFOs mask their signature with FAA regulated lights and tail markings so Area 51 doesn’t get suspicious. :wink:


Caution : turn sound down