Any ideas what these lights are?

Where is the camera located? What it it facing? I can’t quite tell from the video.

hold on just a second :slight_smile: ive got a trick…and im going to be able to tell you what it’s NOT.

V3 pointed straight up at the night sky,


so in looking at your picture Ive made an educated guess on where you were. your camera base was facing east.

you can see the base of Ursa Major ( the big dipper) outlined here

night sky

at that date and time there was nothing in the sky that should have made that image.

my most informed choice would be a plane that appears to wave because of atmospheric conditions ( as seen by the floaties going by, typically a precursor to fog) but it seems like it’s moving too slow and is too big. because of the relative size to the constellation I would say more than likely it’s something much closer…maybe a spiderweb that’s reflecting light from somewhere else, but the two points are a little to in sync for that I think. so unless you live near an airport that has lower flying craft that would be at much lower speeds for landing and take off im going to mark it off as a IDK situation :slight_smile:

landing aircraft are all that come to mind that might be the right size there ( i live near a smaller airport)


My first thought is it’s a plane.


I think it might be two people racing drones.

I’m amazed @Bam was able to discern all that. All I see other than the lights and flyby bugs is a wall of gray.


Thanks for taking the time to reply in such detail, wonderful answer.
I do live near an airport.

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awww shucks. danke schon. @Customer had I my computer in front of me I would’ve been able to clean up that first picture quite a bit and make it more clear. being an astronomer nerd pays off again. I better be able to do some detective work after all…one dosen’t choose this avatar lightly.

@jenhaygle I deal with planes all the time over head, it was just happenstance that it popped into my mind. I was actually looking through a telescope years ago when I first moved here and saw something that reminded me of the video you posted… a stupid plane messed up the picture I was taking of jupiter. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :rofl: :joy:


You are the night.

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I was thinking it was a single drone with 2 lights. They seemed to move together and if there were 2 racing, I would think there would be more independent movement. But, that’s just a guess.


I think you’re right. At first I thought I had seen them diverge but no. It’s a rather long quadcopter.

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looks like an airplane landing

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Okay that makes even more sense. Just the lights on each wing. Duh.

I’ve had tons of similar affects on my Wyze when I had it outside and now my Nest Hello.
My friend told me it was parallax effect.
I wish I had saved a clip share it but it happens so frequently I’ve deleted them or stopped noticing them.
It’s like two white dots that wiggle back and forth and move up and down then disappear.

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They look like Starlink. (SpaceX) satellites. Sometimes there are a train of 60. The longer they orbit, the more distance they separate. Could also be a planes wingtip lights as stated before.

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