UFO beaming up my dad


Scotty: “I’m sorry Captain! I can’t getta lock on him.” (In my best Scottish accent. :rofl:


It’s so-so until 22:51:01 when the end of the beam actually locks onto his body. Great stuff!


Did you add those sounds to the end of the video, or is that a weird coincidence?

So what is that light beam actually coming from?

It looks to be a spider web in front of the camera.


Spider Web…

That my friend, is a spider :spider: web​:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

dont think its a spider

I get them all the time on my cam and they look the same. I totally believe in extraterrestrials too so don’t think Im just saying this because you think I’m a non believer. I do CE-5’s which is human initiated contact. :wink:

Spider web silk thread really close to the cam lens moving in the breeze.

Spiders and their silk web are like kryptonite to my cams AI Smart detection.