Weird Object on Wyze Pan Cam

This weird object keeps appearing on my Wyze pan cam. It is in the exact same location on the edge of the frame of the camera and doing the same motion. I have tried rotating the camera to see if I could capture more of the object but I still only get the same little glimpse. It only happens at night when the house is pitch black. It does not happen daily, but only occurs one time per night when it does happen. The camera is on top of a half wall and I have checked the area around. I cannot find anything that would be causing this creepy motion nor what the object is. HELP!

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Are you trying to upload a screenshot or a video?

I think videos are restricted until DiscoBot gets used to you being here (you build your trust profile). But I think you can upload a screenshot. As you browse, read, post, and reply, your trust level will increase.

Alternatively, you can also YouTube it and paste the link in or if you have public file share you can paste a link in.

But, it sounds like there may be a piece of lint or dust in the lens that is being magnified. If it stays on the edge when you pan and tilt, it is probably something on the lens rim. Let’s hope it’s not inside the lens!


I was trying to upload videos so the motion of the weird object could be seen. The way it moves is really weird! I will try the YouTube route

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You should now be able to upload items, I have increased your forum trust level.


Videos added!

Spider web! :spider_web:

Edit/ just like this but a little brighter and just off frame.

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Looks to be a spider web\cobweb stuck to the lens face moving around in the air current.

I get these regularly with my V3.

Use a light duster to sweep the cam face of anything stuck there. You might not even be able to see it with the naked eye.

The reason those show up like that is because when the cam is in IRNV mode, the IR light reflects directly off the object really close to the lens and gets lit up like it is under a spotlight. But, you will never see it in the light.

What is more concerning to me is how dark your frame is in IR NV mode. Has it always been that way? Have you tried it in color mode to see if you get a better resolution?

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I kind of just assumed that it was because my house is so dark. I switched off the NVIR to see if it’s better tonight.

Its a spider