Two WYZE CamV3's for Sale

Not sure if this is allowed (my apologies if not). I have two Cam v3’s for sale. I have no use for them and hate for them to just sit around the house. I have 5 Cam Pans and 1 Outdoor Cam that work just fine for me, so don’t feel like I’m gaining anything by replacing them with the v3’s.

Do you have a craigslist or ebay listing you can link to? Are they brand new in the box or are they gently used?

How do I pay you… I will take them.

I have not listed them on eBay or Craigslist. I used both of them for the 14 day CamPlus 14 day trial side-by-side with two of my CamPans and did not notice enough of an improvement to get rid of my CamPans.

It looks like another person wants them…I’ll let them go.
Thanks for your reply!

Probably best to pay via Venmo. Email me and we can work out the details. [Mod Edit] Thanks, Steve

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If you still have them I will buy them from you. Thanks

I have the feeling I am to late for this.

Yes, they are still available. I tried to private message a few of you, but not sure if they went through? Private message me and we can finalize the details. Thanks, Steve